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Round vs. Contoured Breast Implants

Women come in all shapes and sizes — so do breast implants

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Shape is an important decision when considering the best breast implants for you. Breast implants are available in two basic shapes: round and contoured. Round breast implants are currently the most popular option for breast augmentation, but some women feel that contoured breast implants (also called "teardrop" or "anatomical" breast implants) are the right choice for their body type and breast enhancement goals.

Either way, choosing the right breast implants can help to ensure your satisfaction with your breast augmentation procedure.

Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants with a smooth surface are currently used for the majority of breast augmentations. They tend to create a fuller appearance in the upper portion of the breasts and more distinct cleavage when placed over the muscle. When placed under the muscle, round implants create a very natural shape.

Round breast implants come in a wide array of sizes for women with different body types. They are also available in different profiles, or the amount of projection from back to front. Most round implants have a smooth surface because they can rotate after placement without causing any change in appearance or distortion of the breast shape. However, they are available with a textured surface as well.

Contoured Breast Implants

Contoured breast implants are also known as "teardrops" because more of the volume is distributed to the lower portion of the implant. They were originally designed to be used for breast reconstruction, but are now used for cosmetic breast augmentation as well. Contoured implants were designed to create a natural slope to the breast shape and are often a good choice for women with smaller breasts.

Contoured breast implants are available in many different sizes and varying profiles. Since these implants have more fullness at the top and less at the bottom, they are made with a textured surface to prevent the implant from being displaced or turning, which can distort the shape of the breast.

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